Temptation is Real, so is Jesus! Pastor Donnie's message 04.26.20

Luke 4:1-13

1. Where are you being lead?

2. The Word is food.

3. Do you want a big kingdom?

4. Temptation lasts for a time, not a lifetime.

1 Then Jesus, being filled with the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit [a]into the wilderness, 2 being [b]tempted for forty days by the devil.

And in those days He ate nothing, and afterward, when they had ended, He was hungry.

1. Where are you being lead?

Jesus the hero of time, the Hero and Godman was being filled with the Spirit.

Filled with the Spirit,

not just receiving the baptism of water but the Filling of the Spirit of God.

Jesus goes out into the Wilderness.

He doesn’t go the town

He doesn’t go the Synagogue

He’s not lead into city,

He’s lead into the wilderness.

The wild, if you will. Not the call of the wild, jack London version, the wilderness in Israel.

The definition of wilderness is said to be:

1. a desert, wilderness

2. deserted places, lonely regions

3. an uncultivated region fit for pasturage

maybe a region or area similar to us.

A dry, maybe hot place.

So being filled…the Spirit lead him not to eat for 40 days.

Wow, 40 days.

That’s a long time not to eat.

You’re in a place that’s wild-

Can you imagine the amount of feelings the Lord Jesus must have been feeling?

Hey feelings, are great, but they are not truth.

Side bar

One religious sect believes that they need to have the feeling of a burning bosom in order to know that they’re a part of that religious group.

Back on the topic. Jesus was led to an unsafe place of lions and tigers and bears and there’s no food or he chooses not to eat. That’s another question.

The Spirit led him into this place.

The Spirit led him to not eat.

Prayer and fasting are a great thing to do in the body of Christ and in the realm of Christianity. Sometimes, denying ourselves can lead to understanding more about who we are and it allows for the inner Spiritual man to be awakened and challenged.