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A Journey Through Grief

Losing a loved one, regardless of the circumstances, can be an extremely difficult time in a person’s life.

Zoom Meetings

Our grief support group is open to anyone in our community who has experienced a loss through death. Sharing takes place in a supportive and confidential environment. 

Due to the sensitive nature of grief, we ask that you email us for times and location.


A Journey Through Grief

Finding Healing Through Reflections of Grief

  • Do you believe that you won’t ever recover from the grief and loss?

  • Does living without your loved one feel just too hard to endure?

  • Do you wonder how you are going to do ordinary things every day?

  • Are you critical of yourself for still grieving?


Tammy Gann

Grief Coach | Author

Through the many tragedies in my life, I have found a purpose and a vision, to help others walk through grief. Suffering and sorrow are never pleasant, however, the wisdom and compassion that come from such events are priceless. This kind of wisdom and empowerment can’t be taught, but rather must be experienced.


My methodology is built upon real-life experience, coupled with practical down-to-earth guidance. Having the highest regard for each person’s unique situation, I have created a program that will help you walk through the pain of grief.

My hope is that everyone walking in pain will be empowered, receive healing and find joy once again.

About Us

A Journey Through Grief

This program features biblical,

Christ-centered teaching that focuses on grief topics associated with the death of a loved one. 


"While pain is the universal leveler, it works differently in everyone's lives. It shapes us uniquely, sparing no one in the process. Even as we wither under its blows, we assume that no one else can possibly have gone through what we have endured."

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