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Need a little help?

We are a church community of people who want to change lives, hearts, and communities by giving and reflecting Jesus so others will know His love.


ReFresh Calvary wants to help!

  • Have you fallen on hard times?

  • Are you struggling with sickness?

  • Need Help with a move?

  • Need Prayer?

  • Need Food?

  • Tell us what's your need?

Our Compassion Team wants to help you, to pray with you and wants to help you get you back on your feet again. 



Is every 3rd Sunday of each month. Please take food for yourself, family, friends, or neighbors in need! If you are in need at other times, contact Katie and we will meet your grocery needs.

Meet Katie

Meet our Compassion Team Captain, Katie! She is the wife and mother of 4 beautiful children. She has a heart of compassion and loves Jesus! She wants to be His Hands and Feet so she can serve others. The Lord is calling her to do and be a helper in the church. She has a sweetness that surrounds her and her love for others shows through the work she does.  

Let us know how we can help

We will contact you shortly!

Are you a member at Refresh Church and would like to be part of the Compassion Team? Let us know where you would like to help!

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