Are you a Theophilus?

Sunday 01.12.2020 Teaching by Pastor Donnie Aldana

Welcome to ReFresh Church!

So why are we called ReFresh Church

Exodus 31:17  “It is a sign between me and the children of Israel forever: for in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, and on the seventh day he rested, and was REFRESHED”.

My wife and I read together every morning.  We earnestly prayed about what should be the name of our church plant, We came across our Church’s name while reading the bible together.  If God needed to be Refreshed after He created all His majesty, then how much more do we need to be refreshed?. We love the name and pray that when you leave here, you are touched by the Lord and just as we call ourselves are Refreshed at Refresh church.

Luke chapter 1:1-4

The Bible is for us

we are eyewitnesses and ministers

We can know for certain.

Verse 1:1- Inasmuch as many have taken in hand to set in order a narrative of those things which have been fulfilled[fn]among us,

Luke was a practicing Doctor of Medicine

We believe that he was the Apostle Paul’s personal physician.

“History tells us at this time also It was customary among the great Greek and Hellenistic historians, including the first-century Jewish writer Josephus, to explain and justify their work in a preface. Their object was to assure the reader of their capability, thorough research, and reliability." (Expositor's Bible Commentary)

Could you imagine if people today had that much conviction and thorough investigation to make sure what they said was true before they wrote or spoke it? 

This postmodern world says, “your truth is for you” and “my truth is for me” and that’s good enough. Some people really think the only stable truth we have is Google! What book or for that matter, what type of writing speaks with the kind of direction and boldness like the Bible? 

The Bible is for us.

In verse 1 Luke notes that so much has been fulfilled among us. 

I don’t think we really understand much of this, but venture with me 100 years ago. If you read the Bible 100 years ago, you would have never understood the scriptures that note that Israel would be a united people back in their promised land. That thought would have never been or has it been seen in anyone’s bible commentary except for the modern ones now. After World War II, on May 14, 1948, Israel was given their own sovereignty.  

Really what does a verse like this mean that Luke takes the lead and speaks It with such authority? Jesus lived 2000 years ago. We set time by his birth in case some of us forgot. Not one living person today has physically met King Jesus.  So how do we know that what Luke is saying is real? Luke never walked with Jesus.  

Luke took the time to talk to apostles and take notes from Peter and the boys.  He wrote the book of Acts so he was there for that. Luke as a doctor took the necessary time and had the training and writing skills to write down what he was told with all those men whom Jesus had met.

We do the same thing our world today, no one here ever met Abraham Lincoln, we can read accounts of who he was and what he was like but none of us has ever met him.

The New Testament is written for us to learn about how to love, act and be like Jesus.  The Bible is for us.

Verse 2- just as those who from the beginning were eyewitnesses and ministers of the word delivered them to us,

You are eyewitnesses and ministers.

J Vernon McGee is an eyewitness. He says the word that Dr. Luke uses is the word “autopes" which is a medical term meaning “to make an autopsy”. In fact, what Dr. Luke is trying to say is, “We are eyewitnesses who made an autopsy, and I am writing to you about what we found.” In a hospital the “under–rower” (huperetes) is the word for minister. The word literally means under rowers.   All doctors before they can become licensed doctors to be able to fully practice medicine must be interns. Dr. Luke is saying that all of them were just interns or under rowers under the Great Physician. What Dr. Luke is telling us is that as a physician and a scholar, he made an "autopsy" of the records of those who had been eyewitnesses. Luke is not being arrogant just like we are not.  We are beggars who found bread. We are not the giver of the truth. We are the messengers who know the truth to be real and it has given us the ability to have the greatest love and to give love. We are all ministers.

People need to see Jesus and you may be the only "Bible" many people ever read! What is the "Gospel" according to you, according to your life, your lifestyle, your practices before those needing Jesus?

Think about that today. Just as you may not want your kids to have some of your bad habits, what does your life say about your love for Jesus. Do you want to love Jesus more?  It’s as simple as resting in Him and believing his truths that Luke writes for us today.

Maybe some will say, that’s easy for you to say Pastor Donnie, you are a Minister of the Word. Ministry and minister only come out from the life that I willingly daily have to give to Jesus.

We know hurt, we see pain,  but being an Under Rower or being someone who believes what Jesus did for me, set me free to trust Him.  To know that He wants us to love and be the blessing brokers of his Grace and love to people who desperately need it.  Do people need love? As you say, “Yes”, then you’re a minister of that to them.  

Verse 3-4