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A Day in the Life of Jesus | Luke 4:31-44 | The Sunday Message With Pastor Donnie

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

1. Don’t Be Astonished

2. The devil is in church

3. Mom due what they do

4. Humble healer.

5. Feet to faith.

31 Then He went down to Capernaum, a city of Galilee, and was teaching them on the Sabbaths. 32 And they were astonished at His teaching, for His word was with authority. 

1.Don’t be Astonished

Don’t be astonished when you talk about God and His word that you have authority and power that Come from Jesus. It’s not your power and authority.

However, that Authority via the Holy Spirit has been given to us.

Don’t be astonished when you speak in love that God gives you favor.

Don’t be astonished when you share what you have learned that people are touched.

It’s not our authority, its Jesus teaching

We are the greatest plagiarizers

We are the biggest copy cats in the world

We copy and serve up what God has given us.

I walk in astonishment in what God gives me sometimes to say. It’s a blessing to realize that God uses us. I am astonished sometimes; I am literally blown away. I have to step back and realize what is going on. Thank you, and thank you is not enough.

33 Now in the synagogue there was a man who had a spirit of an unclean demon. And he cried out with a loud voice, 34 saying, “Let us alone! What have we to do with You, Jesus of Nazareth? Did You come to destroy us? I know who You are—the Holy One of God!”

35 But Jesus rebuked him, saying, [n]“Be quiet, and come out of him!” And when the demon had thrown him in their midst, it came out of him and did not hurt him. 36 Then they were all amazed and spoke among themselves, saying, “What a word this is! For with authority and power He commands the unclean spirits, and they come out.” 37 And the report about Him went out into every place in the surrounding region.

2. The Devil is in church

- Not the first or last time for a demon filled "religious person" in the pew!

THOUGHT - Don't miss the irony! Who knows how long this demon possessed man had been sitting in the synagogue, listening to the boring rabbis, all the while remaining calm and completely undisturbed by what he heard?

Why was he not disturbed? Because the rabbis were not preaching the Word of God!

But when Jesus preached the Word, the demon reacted immediately, screaming out through the man’s vocal cords!

Of course, the unclean spirit also recognized Jesus' authority to send him to eternal punishment and that truth clearly contributed to his screaming!

Here's the point - it is very difficult for unbelievers to sit week after week under a Spirit anointed preacher, powerfully proclaiming the Word of Truth! 

It’s also true of us to live out love in the world and see that we can have a positive influence on everyone whom we connect with. The message, the Spirit, the love of Christ eventually makes the unbeliever squirm a bit. That’s a great thing! Keep on keeping on with those unbelievers.

Jesus doesn’t want the press of the devil to be giving him notoriety.

Also notice that demons are noted as unclean spirits. Little s in Spirits if you will. Don’t forget we are clean because of Jesus.

He doesn’t comment at all the demons facts.

The demon realized that he was the Holy one.

Others heard in the synagogue. He did not say to the demon. Yep I know, and also listen up you guys in this place, I am what this guy says I am. He doesn’t defend or support the demon

What does he do?

Jesus shuts the door on the demon and told him just to be quiet and come out of him.

No massive drawn out dance and shout to get the demon out.

Just be quiet. We have so much when we evoke the name of Jesus and I don’t think we totally get it.

I am trying to get it

Are you trying to get it? Being loud doesn’t evoke more power- Jesus does that.

38 Now He arose from the synagogue and entered Simon’s house. But Simon’s wife’s mother was [o]sick with a high fever, and they made request of Him concerning her. 39 So He stood over her and rebuked the fever, and it left her. And immediately she arose and served them.

3. Moms due what moms do!

D.U.E….No, I did not misspell this point. Moms do duties that God has given them to do naturally

The star of this short scene of God’s life is a mom.

Moms do what moms do because it is in their God-given, pre-dispositional wiring given to them by the Creator of Heaven of earth

What a blessing. It’s not a curse

Think with me, you felt bad for a while, and then were healed.

What’s the first you think about doing?

For me, going outside, get out of bed, take a walk. See the sun. Stretch and count my blessings

-Not the mom of this story

Hey man, moms right now as we honoring them this Mother’s Day are women who are tirelessly interrupted.

Many moms are women who give of their own bodies to have kids hanging off them.

Moms, we love you. I love my mom. She selfishly gave of herself to serve and love and care and cherish her kids. Moms and my mom, thank you!

Men, husbands, love your wives. Love them, serve them, they need to get away sometimes.

They need to get the opportunity to be an individual!

Hey if you can afford it, especially if you have few kids, maybe get a service once a month to help with cleaning.

Men, if your wife needs a break, do whatever you can to get that done. She serves you all daily, and without groaning, please be encouraged to serve her especially today.

Church have you ever prayed when you’re sick? I know we can take a pill and the like and have medicine that’s available to us all the time. Sometimes however, maybe Jesus wants us to ask Him to touch our headache. I’m convicted by this.

I rarely ask Him to heal my headaches or my back pain or my whatever kind of pain.

Do you see what I am saying here?

It’s okay to ask,

You might not get the healing immediately, but we can definitely ask the One who heals- then and now

Let’s stop now and pray for all mothers who need healing

Let’s stop and pray now for anyone who needs healing

Amen, we had a great woman of God go to glory before church last week.

Connie, my Good friend Mr. Edward Garcia’s mother and Pastor Eddie’s grandma.

Pastor Eddie tells me that she is one the greatest reasons why he believes he’s saved and knows the Lord Jesus Christ.

This woman loved Jesus and prayed for him and gave the whole family an example of what it is and was to be example of King Jesus.

Well done, my sister Connie. Looking forward to that day I can meet you in heaven.

40 When the sun was setting, all those who had any that were sick with various diseases brought them to Him; and He laid His hands on every one of them and healed them. 41 And demons also came out of many, crying out and saying, “You are [p]the Christ, the Son of God!”

And He, rebuking them, did not allow them to [q]speak, for they knew that He was the Christ.

4. Humble healer

Look what time of day it was

The sun was setting.

I imagine everyone had a job and or people traveled to see this man who helped

Again, look at our Hero

All people were brought to him who were sick

All with various diseases were brought to him

He laid his 2 beautiful MITs on all these people

Even the demons gave acknowledgment to Jesus being the Christ, the anointed son of God.

Circling back

Jesus did not want fame from demons to propagate His leadership and His role

Think about this

It’s almost like we as Christians don’t mind or care when a person who doesn’t believe in Jesus doesn’t like us.

We are wired to understand that and we understand that part of the plan sometimes.

We all would think it’s a bit crazy if we would get positive encouragement from people who were against us.

We might think, what’s wrong with this picture?

We could perceive, what’s the ulterior motive?

What’s coming around the corner? I don’t know. Just me thinking a bit

Just be mindful whenever you start getting positive feedback from someone who is against you.

Just some food for thought. Be mindful like Jesus..

Let’s remember this again.

Hey, did you know that Jesus loves you?

Stop now and breathe that in.

Hey Jesus loves you

42 Now when it was day, He departed and went into a deserted place. And the crowd sought Him and came to Him, and tried to keep Him from leaving them; 43 but He said to them, “I must preach the kingdom of God to the other cities also, because for this purpose I have been sent.” 44 And He was preaching in the synagogues of [r]Galilee.

5. Feet to our Faith!

Isn’t it just like us to want Jesus to stay only with us?

Is it not like us also to only want Him where we are?

What am I saying?

Let me try to explain. Church, we build magnificent buildings to accommodate our needs for gathering today. Hey I am not against that. Please hear me when I say this. We need to meet together and we are desiring that so much now. Actually, now more than ever.

But look at how King Jesus handles being told or asked to stay.

He said He must preach the kingdom of God to other cities.

He must go share the good news

The Kingdom of God however,

What does that mean?

I watched Shrek this week with my granddaughter. What a kingdom! And what about the name of the Kingdom in Shrek.. do you know.. it’s called “far, far and away”.

We don’t have a kingdom that’s far, far and away like Shrek

Can I get a witness?

That’s not what Jesus taught.

Jesus taught this kingdom was…

The Kingdom of God – it is the invisible, internal Kingdom of God.

The one inside you and me.

Just want to jog your memory about something else my friends.

The only kingdom that will prevail in this world is the kingdom that is not of this world!

We know 4 things about this kingdom

1. the King (ruler), we know this to be Jesus

2. the rule itself (authority to rule), Jesus was the anointed Christ and given the headship.

3. the realm being ruled (this world), and we know that the Kingdom of God and the new Jerusalem will be given to us soon. It is going to be an amazing place that is without borders that lasts forever.

4. those ruled (individuals who believe the gospel). The kingdom of God is already present in at least some senses (Matt. 12:28) but also still future (Matt. 6:10).

This is where the Gospel economy makes itself real in our lives.

We are ruled by a Spirit leader who lives within us and loves us and are governed and guided by the Good news of Jesus Christ.

For us preaching is walking into all the areas and aspects of life. Knowing that Jesus is leading us.

For those of you who do or don’t know. My wife passed away of cancer coming up on 4 years ago. I spent a fair amount of time in hospitals. Weeks and almost a month one time. Days ran into each other which is similar to this time.

I remember being around so many people who were sick and dying.

I remembered that Spiritual maturity is tied to my ability to love people who believe different than myself.

I remembered that in the midst of all the people who were sick,

I could walk around and love people and share the hope I have in Christ.

It was such a similar time like this.

I was cooped up many times in a hospital or in a treatment center.

But listen, love compelled me and my wife who was battling to give hope to people who don’t have any hope.

To hear people’s stories and ask the questions necessary to give people help was priceless.

Well now, God has restored my life with a new wife,

But the message is even greater now

We are healthy and are sharing in the responsibility of having a hospital for sinners.

It’s time to put Feet to our Faith!

So, in review:

1. Don’t Be Astonished (at what God can do in and through you! He wants to show His power and strength, but in his own time)

2. The devil is in church (don’t assume that just because someone attends church, that they are saved. Going to church isn’t being the church. Ask those follow up questions and get to know people. Create accountability)

3. Mom due what they do (God gave us roles. The role of a mother should be appreciated and celebrated, especially today)

4. Humble healer. (If we follow Jesus’s example, we will give, love, pray, provide and pursue others at any time and exhaustibly without complaining or pointing fingers at ourselves. After all, it is all about Him, not us)

5. Feet to faith. (Now that our stay home orders are slowly lifting, be safe and careful, but get out there and put your faith to action. Boots on the ground for Jesus!)

Happy Mother’s Day - again

Do you have questions about today's message? Do you desire a relationship with Jesus? Do you want to get back to that place you once were with your Heavenly Father? Pastors are here to talk with and pray for you. If you are prompted, that is the Holy Spirit calling, you simply have to reach out. He stands at the door and knocks...


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