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Garcias 2021.HEIC

Eddie Garcia

Eddie Garcia just celebrated 15 years of marriage to his beautiful wife Lizzette.  Together they have 4 healthy children.  Eddie graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2012 with his Bachelor's Degree in Christian Studies, and graduated from Liberty University Theological Seminary in 2014.  He then earned a Master's Degree in Pastoral Counseling.  Since then he served as the High School Pastor and Children's Ministry Director at a local church.  He has been ordained as an Associate Pastor at Refresh where he has been instrumental in the birthing of this new church.  Eddie's goal at Refresh is to assist Pastor Donnie in the daily operations, support the ministry at the church while using his strengths of outreach and encouragement with our community.  His primary goal is to reach the lost, assist in repairing marriages, and discipling our next generation.  

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